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Published on December 27th, 2016 | by james


Top tips for getting a job in eCommerce in 2017

eCommerce is a hot area right now and the right candidates can get the pick of well-paid and interesting jobs. But how can you make yourself the best person for the job? Here are our top tips.

Find the right speciality for you. That might mean software and web site design, or it could include content creation. search engine optimisation, or data analysis. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have other skills – in a smaller company you’ll need to be able to work across different areas – but if you have a particular strong suit, you’ll be a stronger candidate when situations that need that skill come up, compared to a generalist.

Follow the industry and understand the latest trends. Read Econsultancy or Power Retail, follow industry opinion on LinkedIn, and take a good hard look at a major commercial website every week, noting down what works and what doesn’t, and tracking reviews of the site to see what others have to say. Once you get an interview, you’ll have a lot to talk about – and it will show you know your onions.

Target a niche. If you have relevant industry knowledge, for instance in the clothing retail sector, then target online fashion brands and flaunt you knowledge, whether it’s in bricks and mortar or eCommerce. If you can demonstrate that you understand what makes consumers tick, you’re much more likely to get that job.

Understand the whole process of getting goods to the consumer, including logistics and the financial side of operations, as well as marketing. You can’t just write software any more – implementing eCommerce needs to integrate with other enterprise systems. If you can show you understand these aspects of the job, you’re ahead of the competition.

Check your online presence. A prospective employer will be looking at your LinkedIn profile, your website, your tweets and your Facebook posts to see what they say about you and your understanding of the internet. Of course, if you have a blog full of interesting posts about eCommerce and internet topics, even if it’s just an analysis of the websites you look at, you’ll get full marks.

Make sure your CV stresses relevant accomplishments even if they’re not in eCommerce. If you helped a local bar with a social marketing campaign, or worked in customer services at a DIY store, that shows your commitment to the customer – something you’ll definitely need to do well.

Check out what hard skills are in the most demand and take a course or get a qualification, be sure to study job ads on sites like Gumtree and Silicon Beach Jobs. Java is always in demand, for instance, so if you’re aiming for a developer’s job, make sure your skills are up to date. Take a refresher course if need be – there are free courses available online, so you have no excuse for being out of date.

Research your targets well and write a covering letter that shows how you see your specific skills matching what your prospective employer needs. For instance, your business skills may make you a prime candidate for a company that’s juggling online and bricks and mortar channels and has complex logistics to get right; or your experience with two start-ups, even if they weren’t in eCommerce, may have given you the all-round expertise and hands-on attitude that an eCommerce start-up needs.

Whatever job role you’re looking for in eCommerce, you’ll do yourself a huge favour by understanding the retail environment as a whole, and not restricting yourself to the demands of one specific role. Not only does an awareness of the challenges facing any retailer help you demonstrate your suitability for the job currently on offer, it could well make you a great candidate for promotion when the opportunity comes along.


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