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Published on February 8th, 2017 | by james


Top 5 exercises that undo the damage of sitting at your eCommerce business

Sitting around at your desk all day can do untold damage to your body. You probably already experience some of the common complaints that it can cause, such as pain in your lower back or neck. You may even have suffered from muscle spasms or pinched nerves in your back. The damage of sitting all day can be serious, but if you take action against it, you can undo that damage. Here are the top exercises you will need.

  1. Get up and walk

It sounds simple, but getting up and walking around the office at least once every hour could be one of the most valuable exercises you ever do. Just taking that chance to stretch out your legs and your back could make a real difference. It’s even better if you can stand for longer periods of time, perhaps 10 to 15 minutes out of every hour.


  1. Leg swings

This exercise really helps to loosen up your hips. If you talk to a physiotherapist like those at Bend + Mend this is one of the key exercises that they are likely to recommend for you because it’s nice and easy to do, and works for everyone. Start by simply swinging your legs forwards and backwards as high up as you can. When you have done 20 swings on each leg, try swing them up in front of you from side to side as far as you can for another 20.


  1. Couch stretch

Everyone can do this one – all you need is a couch, or failing that, a sturdy chair. Start with one knee up on the cushions and one foot on the floor in front of you. Your couch knee should be up against the back of the sofa, giving you a nice stretch across the back of your leg. Now slowly raise your torso until your spine is straight and tall. Hold this for around 4 minutes, squeezing through the abs and the bottom as you do so. Try on both sides to ensure that the effect is equal.


  1. Grok squats

You’ve probably tried squats before, but the grok squat takes things a little further. You want to squat down until your bottom is resting on your ankles, with your heels on the ground and your back straight. It’s actually pretty hard to get down there! Hold it for about a minute if you can. You will feel the benefits in your lower spine right away, as well as the hamstrings, quads, and Achilles tendons. Try doing this regularly until it feels easier.


  1. Back stretches

Simple stretches can take a lot of the pressure out of your spine. There are a number that you can try that all fit nicely into one routine. Start by bending over to touch your toes if you can, and hold for a count of 8. Then try leaning back – never push yourself too far, as you could hurt yourself more. Next, twist around so that you are facing behind yourself, moving only from the hips up. Try this on the other side too. Finally, stretch one arm up and lean right over the opposite side as if you are trying to get those fingers onto the floor. Keep your back straight and use the bend at your hips to stretch out. Try both sides to even it out and hold for a count of 8.


Once you start doing these exercises regularly, you will feel how much healthier your body is. Your days of back pain will be over before you know it!


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