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Published on November 22nd, 2016 | by james


iPhone Tricks That Online Business Owners Might Not Know About

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The iPhone is more advanced than you might imagine, capable of doing a lot of things that the average user doesn’t know about. Here are some great iPhone tricks that you have no idea about.

Self-destructing messages

Did you know that you can send an audio or video message that automatically deletes itself after a certain period of time? If you go to Settings > Messages > Audio Messages and Video Messages, you can set up a timeframe for when your messages self-destruct. This is useful if you’re interested in sending messages that you may not want to stick around on your phone – whatever that might involve!

More secure passcodes

Are your friends cracking your four or six digit passcode way too easily? You might be interested in learning about the iPhone’s alphanumeric passcode feature. This allows you to combine letters and numbers in your code to unlock your phone, similar to what you would with a website.

Go to Settings -> Touch ID & Passcode -> Change Passcode > Passcode Options. This should bring up a few options, from which you can select ‘Custom Alphanumeric Code’. Now your phone is more secure than ever.

Hands free Siri

Verging on mildly creepy, your favourite personal assistant Siri can actually be summoned without touching your phone. If you go to Settings > General > Siri you can enable “Hey Siri”. This means that whenever you say the phrase “Hey Siri” near your phone, Siri will be activated. Bear in mind that if you have an iPhone version older than the 6S, it will have to be plugged in to enable this cool feature.

Schedule Do Not Disturb

Do Not Disturb is a great feature to help you get a good night’s sleep, free from phone related buzzes and distractions. However, sometimes you forget to turn it on before you crash into your slumber each night. Did you know that you can actually schedule Do Not Disturb in advance? If you go to Settings > Do Not Disturb, you can establish a range of hours each day in which the function will turn itself on.

iCloud accounts can be unlocked

One thing that a lot of people encounter after buying second hand iPhones, is that the iCloud Account for their phone is locked. This can be really frustrating, as iCloud is a great way to save storage on your phone. Some people simply write this off, but fortunately there’s actually some simple ways to unlock your iCloud account! Check out Why the Lucky Stiff for a pretty straight forward guide.

Launch apps with your headphone

Did you know that you can set your iPhone to open your favourite music app every time you plug in your headphones? This doesn’t just extend to music apps – you can also get it to open Podcasts, Youtube or your favourite game. This is nifty, right?

There are so many features in your iPhone that most people don’t know about!


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