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Innovative eCommerce Business Ideas Online in Australia

Thousands of products can be sold successfully online. But you need to be able to select a few viable products that you can start with and sell profitably to a niche with growing demand. Here is a list of eCommerce Business Ideas Online that you use as a starting point.

Nutrition Industry eCommerce Ideas

Nutrition eCommerce Site

  1. Food Bars

Energy bar sales have skyrocketed 10-fold over the last decade. These protein bars are very convenient for active people who want a snack bar that will provide a continuous supply of energy between meals or workouts. The increasing demand makes it a very viable option for online sales.

  1. Dietary Supplements

People are constantly searching for the latest and most powerful “super food”, antioxidant, or natural weight loss supplement that can meet their peculiar health needs. That is why dietary supplements are constantly been sold online in thousands of units every day. For instance, natural supplements like Garcina Cambogia, Yacon Molasses, Green Tea, and their extracts are bestselling products.

  1. Caralluma Fimbriata Extract

One of the top items on the Amazon Wish List is the Caralluma Fimbriata Extract. This supplement has helped several people to lose weight by suppressing the ghrelin hormone which triggers hunger pangs in our stomachs. According to Dr. Oz show, taking 500 mg will stop people from craving for sodium-rich carbohydrate-filled snacks which will raise blood pressure and add unnecessary weight.

Fashion Industry eCommerce Ideas


  1. Men’s Jean’s

Men’s slim fit and normal fit jean are the best selling men’s clothing items on Men are now buying more clothing items online. They prefer to buy their regular casual clothing online because they already trust popular jean brands like Levi. This niche is expected to enjoy greater demand.

  1. Women’s Waist Cincher

Currently, the best selling female clothing item on Amazon is the waist cincher. Both classic and workout versions are in high demand. This piece of clothing boosts a woman’s self esteem because it has a tight fit and it enhances the appearance of her sensitive features.

  1. Baby Clothes and Baby Care Products

Most pregnant women now use the internet to order for most of the items they need for their new born babies. That is why items like diapers, baby clothes and other baby care products are hot selling products on major online retailer websites.

Natural Cosmetics Industry eCommerce Ideas

  1. Coconut Oil

Coconut oil has been in high demand online for a couple of years because buyers have discovered the multiple benefits that this oil provides. For instance, coconut oil can be used to cook, moisturize and condition the skin, remove makeup, and to treat insect bites.

Electronics  Industry eCommerce Ideas


  1. Mobile TV

Mobile devices for receiving digital high definition video streams from major online TV provides like Google and Amazon are currently in very high demand. However, the demand for these high-tech items tends to fluctuate. So to profit from selling such items, you will need to be able to predict the next major best seller.

  1. Health Monitor Wristband

This is currently the number one best selling product in the personal electronics and gadgets category on Amazon. It helps you to track the number of steps you walk, the total distance covered in a day, the number of calories burned and the number of hours you have deep sleep. The demand for this particular product will continue to increase.

Games Industry eCommerce Ideas

10. Family Board or Card Games

The family game niche experiences high demand anytime an excellent product hits the market. For instance, Cards Against Humanity, the popular humorous family/party card game has been released with 5 new versions and there are times when the manufacturer cannot meet the demand. Although the margins are not very high, the demand (even from previous buyers) is still increasing.

This post was written by eCommerce enthusiast Sarah Davies who currently works as a content marketer for MyShopping – An Australian website which aims to provide the best shopping comparison online.

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