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Published on November 27th, 2014 | by james


Five Amazing Industrial Furniture Designers

Industrial Furniture is gaining popularity across Australia and several eCommerce sites such as RetroJan, Milan Direct and many others are now offering a wide selection of Industrial Furniture offerings. Here at eCommerce Today we have decided to show some marquee Industrial Designer pieces from the global stage.

Some of the key designers and individuals who were able to use industrial materials for making beautiful and outstanding furniture include:

1. Gabriella Crepsi

She created magic cubes which have patented mechanisms. These magic cubes are almost similar to the head sculpture created by Kiki de Montparnasse. The double-sided chest drawers made in 1965 costs $35,000 and it was made using chrome and white lacquer. Gabriella’s work usually displays a taste of Milan and the Himalayas since she spends most of her time in either of these 2 places.

Gabriella Crepsi

Image: Pinterest

2. John Vesey

This famous furniture designer started out in New York as an antiques dealer. His experience as a dealer influenced him and this influence is seen in the furniture pieces he created. His pieces have a classical form and they are very unique in that instead of using wood and wicker, he uses polished steel and metal mesh. An example of his work is the foldable 1950 X-bench which is worth $10,000 and gives evidence of high quality design and craftsmanship. It is made of heavy polished aluminum and the bench rests have been made using wood.

John Vesey


3. Maria Pergay

This French lady had an interest in design eventually led her to furniture design although she had designed other things like windows for shops. Stainless steel is the common material used in most of her furniture creations. Her famous glass topped table created using smoked glass with a polished stainless steel finish costs $45,000. It is truly a work of art that one can proudly place in his/her living room and it attracts everyone’s attention.

Maria Pergay


4. John Dickinson
This famous 20th century interior and furniture designer from San Francisco created a lot of famous artistic furniture pieces. He was very good at making high quality artwork from humble materials such as duck cloth, plaster of Paris and sheet metal. An example of one of his many works is the skirted side table that was created in 1970. The table is in the form of a draped table with cloth folds and there is a brass band of one inch on the edges of the skirt. John’s playful nature with materials is also seen in other pieces of furniture he created.

John Dickinson

5. Alessandro Albrizzi
This amazing designer is recognized for his creative tables and desks which attracted many decorators. An example of one of his famous pieces is the campaign style circa 1970 Trestle desk. This desk that costs $7,000 was made using polished aluminum and bright Formica.

Alessandro Albrizzi

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