eCommerce Tips & Tricks

When you get into the world of e-commerce, the potential for life changing sales volumes and the opportunity to get yourself into the real spotlight is always there. Businesses that are willing to work hard, take risks and ensure that they always have progression and growth on their mind are the ones that are likely to make the most from the e-commerce world around them.

While e-commerce opens up so many doors, it’s important that you understand there are some things that always need to be taken care of.

While you may not need to meet your clients face to face anymore, you don’t necessarily have the sale closed instantly either. You need to make sure that your business is run as professionally as possible and when it comes to e-commerce this cannot be overstated any further. It’s absolutely imperative that e-commerce websites are ensuring that they cover at least the following;

Detailed Descriptions

You are selling online, so you have a much greater sales window. They have actively come online looking for what you provide – if you make it enticing enough, you are likely to get the sale and change your fortunes for the long-term. But this means ensuring that the product description is honest, clear and detailed. Don’t leave out anything that you think should be in there – try get at least 200 words per product description, but a very minimum of 75 anyway.

HD Photographs

You want to make the best impression of your product – get the best HD quality photos that you can. If you need to pay somebody to take the photos professionally then do so – a website with blurry, old photos from shoddy angles are not going to get many sales. People start to immediately think fraud in that situation – offer them a genuine photo in a high quality, positive environment and watch your e-commerce sales hit the roof.

Analytics Software

If you have made the e-commerce website yourself then make sure you install some form of analytics on your page like Google Analytics at the VERY least. However, it’s a good idea to have somebody do this for you if you have never done it before – wrong analytics are going to be more dangerous than no analytics, so if you aren’t sure what you are doing get somebody else to install them for you – many freelancers can do this for you on websites like Fiverr.

Clear Policies

Make sure that your policies in things like returns, ordering, shipping costs, damages and legal policies are all covered incredibly clearly. This is one of the most important parts of the website so make sure they are detailed and most importantly legally tight, have somebody check it who has at the very least copywriting experience.

All of the information found in here should be applied to your e-commerce business immediately, no matter what you are dealing with or how potentially stressful it could become for you. Getting the background work in place is the foundation of any strong website, so don’t mess around with this and just make sure that you cover everything above right away!

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